The Patriotic Pig was started in 2011 shortly after my wife and i moved to Hartlip, I remember it well. I was sitting in my lounge, then a mobile home when a gentleman was seen wondering around the farm looking lost.
It turns out his name was Peter who had been let down by another business who were supposed to supply a hog roast for his daughters 40th Birthday. At the time running a hog roast business was just a thought in our heads and we were far from set up to undertake a hog roast. We had a couple of pigs but little else.
We decided to bite the bullet and purchase the equipment required to cook our male pigs, keeping the females who are still breeding today. We choose to produce our own pigs and bring them on in a friendly kind manor, their lives may not be long but they could not be treated better with shaded outdoor pens with plenty of roots to eat and mud to snuffle and roll in.
Our business has grown through word of mouth and we now undertake, Weddings, private parties, school proms, music festivals, fun runs, horse shows and many more events. We pride ourselves on quality, excellent service and superb value for money.
In 2014 my son chose to join the business and it is now run by Luke and myself with my wife assisting at every corner, you know what they say about every successful man.
We are particularly proud to be supporting two charities, these being Damelza House and Porchlight. We will be attending Damelza’s open day in september and taking to the streets this christmas eve to feed the homeless, we all deserve to celebrate christmas, especially the less fortunate. what better gift to give than a hot meal.
We are very flexible and can cater for any event, we try to meet your requirements within your budget, this is why we are expanding into hosting quality affordable weddings at our home and the home of our Alpaca in Hartlip.
We look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss your requirements.

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