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An Alpaca Farm Wedding

After leaving the life of finance and banking for 16 years we started breeding alpacas in July 2006, with 8 quality pregnant females. A life with Alpacas is a bit addictive and the business expanded to such an extent that we now live on-site with our animals, which is essential when breeding Alpaca, as 24/7 supervision is vital. We now have a herd of 48 Alpacas, horses, pigs, geese, and not forgetting our dog.


Alpaca Farm Wedding
Alpaca Farm Wedding

With outbuildings already in situ, it seemed logical to put them to better use than just as hay stores. We knew we were situated in a fantastic location with direct access to motorways but still in the heart of Kents Glourious countryside the venue for weddings seemed a logical option.
With more and more couples wanting something a bit ‘different’ than a traditional wedding, the Alpacas together with our rustic Barn and marquee set in the Garden of England we knew this was the perfect setting for an Alpaca Farm Wedding Venue.
After much research and even more trial runs we held our first wedding in July 2018.

Most of our weddings feature an alpaca, although we leave this entirely up to the couple. We also have horses who also like to make an appearance.
Of our 48 Alpaca, 35 are female and 13 male. many of the Alpacas are our clients, whom we board and take care of.
Only our own Alpaca is used for weddings, and it is usually Simba, and our Joyce who are used, as these 2 girls are very well accustomed to human contact and are very friendly and inquisitive.
During your wedding, guests can pet the Alpacas during the photo session, but then they are returned to the herd to enable you to enjoy your day.
We have hygiene stations on-site, allowing you to pet the animals and wash your hands as required.
You can find more details about our Alpaca Farm here along with contacting us below for more details on your perfect Alpaca Farm Wedding

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Alpaca Farm Wedding
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